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GED stands for general education development.  GED is also very similar and compares to a High School Diploma. GED’s are recommended for those who were able to graduate high school or who want to get a move on with their life and don’t want to wait to graduate. Often people think that if you don’t have your diploma you are less than those who have one. Well, that is not true, having your GED is exactly the same as a diploma and will qualify you for any jobs that a diploma would. 

If you are looking into getting your GED there are great free GED practice tests that can help you prepare for it. Studying is very important and can almost guarantee you a great passing score. Below I will give an explanation of what you can expect on the test and tips on how to study.


  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Language Arts

The GED test is about seven to eight hours long, but you can spread it out and take the test for each subject one at a time. To successfully get your GED takes on average about 3 months, but it can be done faster if you are well prepared for it.  

English Language 

Each section of the test has a different amount of questions and a set amount of time you can spend on it. The language arts section is 150 minutes long and has three different sections. These sections are reading, writing and the ability to edit and contextually understand the English Language. 


The math section is 115 minutes long and includes both quantitive and algebraic problem-solving skills. During your math section, you will be provided a calculator that you can use on the test.


The science section of the test is 90 minutes long and it will include life science, physical science, and earth and space science. 

Social Studies

Social Studies of the test includes civics and government, united states history, economics, and geography and is 70 minutes long.

One of the best ways to study is to study smarter not harder. Reading is one of the worst ways to study. Reading and re-reading the information over and over won’t stick in your brain. A good way to study is to learn one topic at a time. Don’t scramble everything together that can be very confusing. When you learn one topic at a time the information will stay with you. Here are few great ways to study


  1. Flash Cards
  2. Practice Tests
  3. Study Groups
  4. Turning off Social Media and Your Phone
  5. Self Quizzing

If you think you are ready to take it to the next level and get your GED, there are great free GED practice tests that you can use to get prepared for the test. Take time on your test and don’t rush to get it done fast, also never guess on any questions, do your best to figure it out, and always re-read the questions,