day spa park city

Do you ever feel drained and exhausted from work and you just want to unwind and relax? One great way to reduce some stress and unwind is to visit day spa park city and spend your day there. Day spas offer so many great ways that you can enjoy your time there, for example you can get a massage, spend your time in the float spa or reduce some pain in the IR therapy prk city. All those things are not only great for relaxing but they also offer some great health benefits. Keep reading to find out more about these treatments.

IR Therapy

IR therapy also known as Infrared Therapy is a method that uses a red light to help with any chronic pain. This treatment is very simple and completely painless. IR therapy is also used in various fields of medicine. The IR therapy light penetrates into the layers of the skin  about 3-7 centimeters deep and reaches the muscles, bones and nerves. This treatment is great for those who might be very active, on their feet all day or work a lot of hours.

Massage Therapy

There’s also massage therapy that you can try.¬† Getting a massage gives you many health benefits including relaxation, stress relief and pain relief. Massage therapy is also known to help with sore muscles and chronic pain. There are also different types of massages that day spas can offer to you. There’s a traditional swedish massage great for relaxation and stress relief. A deep tissue massage is great for getting those knots out of your back and reducing sore muscles. There’s a hot stone massage that is very similar to a swedish massage but includes hot stones that have great health benefits.

Float Spa

Float spa is also called a deprivation tank and is used for stimulation therapy. The float spa is a pool that is filled with a foot of epsom salt water. Using a float spa has been proven to help reduce muscle tension, headaches and pain. The epsom salt in the water also has some great benefits, it can help reduce swelling, soothe tired muscles and pain relief. Epsom salt also works great as an exfoliant and can help soften rough and cracked feet. The epsom salt can also remove toxins from the body that cause inflammation, irritation and body pain.

Tips For A Great Spa Experience

To have the best day spa park city experience of your life, there are certain things that you can do to be pleased about it. Before choosing a spa you should:

  • Make sure to check if the spa has insurance, license and great people working there. As the spa industry is growing very fast you want to find the best spa for you where you will get treated like royalty.

  • Find a spa where you can be yourself and feel comfortable. You should never feel unwanted or judged for how you look or feel.

  • You can ask to take a tour of the spa before booking an appointment and get to know the employees who will be helping you. Make sure the spa looks pleasant and feels sanitary.

  • Also you might want to pay attention to how other customers are being treated. It will give you an idea on how you will be treated.