toefl practice test

Let’s talk about what is the TOEFL practice test, and what does it mean? The TOEFL test which also stands for English as a foreign language test. This test is designed for no English speaker’s abilities to help understand the English language.

If you’re someone who is planning or is going to study at the English language-based college or university you will have to take the TOEFL test before attending. Most colleges and universities do require non-native English speakers to be able to show proof that they have passed this test. This test helps to show colleges and ensures that the individual is skilled in English and will be able to successfully participate in college classes.

Why Is It Necessary To Take This Test?

This test can give you many advantages when it comes to being a college student, it can help an individual to get noticed by the admissions office quicker because this test proves skills and it also proves you will be able to understand inside of a classroom.  The TOEFL test will also help you be more prepared and feel less anxious when you arrive at a college campus. Taking the test can also provide you with and show you your true abilities. 

Where Can You Take The TOEFL Test?

This test is available to be taken all through the year at any ETS authorized testing centers around where you live. There are more than 1000 testing centers that offer people to take the TOEFL test. You can use the official TOEFL website to find a testing site near you and also to schedule your test time. You also have the option to take this test right at home from your computer if you are unable to go to a testing center, it’s called the IBT Toefl at home edition. Registration to take the test usually will open up 6 to 7 months before the actual test date, this gives you time to prepare and study so you can pass. It’s recommended that you register for the test the earliest you can, this helps to make sure that you will have a spot on testing day.

How Much Does It Cost To Take The TOEFL Test?

The cost of the test will all depend on the area where you live. In general, the TOEFL test cost can range anywhere between $170 to $300. The cost of the test will cover the registration fee, testing day as well as a score report, and a few score reports that are going to be sent to colleges and universities of your choice. If you end up registering late there might be an additional fee for late registration. There also might be extra fees if you cancel your test date or reschedule your test date. This is why you should register early so that you can avoid the extra fees.

How To Prepare for The TOEFL Test?

The best, most efficient way to prepare for the test is to spend a lot of time studying. You can use the free TOEFL practice test which is very similar to the actual test, and you can also watch youtube videos to help you prepare.  Another great way to prepare is to schedule a study time with an English teacher.